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Meet Our Team

Sales Staff

Julian-Smallbone, General Manager
Julian Smallbone
General Manager
Ian -Oh , Pre-Owned Sales Manager
Ian Oh
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
Mike Van De Leest
Sales Team Leader
Denzer -De'Arlieaveria , Sales Consultant
Denzer De'Arlieaveria
Sales Consultant
John-Sztupovszky, Sales Consultant
John Sztupovszky
Sales Consultant
Carla-McColl, Sales Administrator
Carla McColl
Sales Administrator
Melissa -Hartmann, Receptionist
Melissa Hartmann
Krystal -Rose, Receptionist
Krystal Rose

Parts & Service Staff

Nick-Babyn, Parts Consultant
Nick Babyn
Parts Consultant
Marc-Lang, Parts Manager
Marc Lang
Parts Manager
Mike-Neufeld, Service Manager
Mike Neufeld
Service Manager
Keith-Hodgins, Assistant Service Manager
Keith Hodgins
Assistant Service Manager
Jason-Beger, Master Technician
Jason Beger
Master Technician
Brad-Greening, Detailer
Brad Greening
Rocky-McOrmond, Service Technician
Rocky McOrmond
Service Technician
Dylan -Attrill , Service Technician
Dylan Attrill
Service Technician
Gary-Thurston, After Market Accessory Technician
Gary Thurston
After Market Accessory Technician
Justina-Steenman, Parts & Service Administrator
Justina Steenman
Parts & Service Administrator
Jason-Porter, Service Technician
Jason Porter
Service Technician

Finance Staff

Tim-Varga, Financial Services Manager
Tim Varga
Financial Services Manager
Kaitlin -Chalut, Financial Services Manager
Kaitlin Chalut
Financial Services Manager
Chad Keogh
Financial Services Manager

Administration Staff

David -Dempster, Chief Financial Officer
David Dempster
Chief Financial Officer
Pamela -Pearson, Director of Internal Operations
Pamela Pearson
Director of Internal Operations
Rafal -Chrzanowski , Director of Fixed Operations
Rafal Chrzanowski
Director of Fixed Operations
Danielle -Hassell, Human Resources Administrator
Danielle Hassell
Human Resources Administrator
Jennifer-Ganzeveld, Controller
Jennifer Ganzeveld
Bev-Hyslop, Vehicle Sales Accountant
Bev Hyslop
Vehicle Sales Accountant
Cheryl-Gowler, Accounts Payable
Cheryl Gowler
Accounts Payable