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Learn more about Penticton Hyundai's Out of Town Experience

Out of Town Experience - Penticton Hyundai

Penticton Hyundai's Out of Town Buyers program caters to travelling customers with convenient options for picking up or shipping your vehicle. We can help you get your vehicle whether you live in BC or outside of the province.

When you can't see your vehicle in person, you still want to know that you're making a solid purchase. Penticton Hyundai has systems in place so that you learn as much about your vehicle as if you were right on our showroom floor.

We'll give you a personalized video of the vehicle you are purchasing, as well as a mechanical report, ICBC or CarProof claims history, and full disclosure at every point of the process.

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You will only have to pay the tax of your province of residence. If you live outside of BC, you can avoid paying PST if you meet the following criteria.

  • Complete and sign a form FIN 440. (We will provide this to you.)
  • Bring with you at least two pieces of ID as proof of residency in a province other than British Columbia. Acceptable forms of ID are as follows:
    • Driver's license
    • Medical plan card
    • Utility bill with address of service.
    • Vehicle registration. (We cannot accept the vehicle registration and driver's license together as it does not prove residency)

Credit cards, social insurance cards or birth certificates are not acceptable identification.

If you live in a province with a PST, then we will only charge 5% GST (if you meet the above criterion). You will then pay your home Province tax (provincial PST) when you register your vehicle.

If the customer is a resident of a province that has HST (i.e. Ontario) we have two options.

  • Charge 5% GST. In this case the customer will need to deal with the additional tax due when they try and register the vehicle in their province
  • Charge the customer the applicable HST rate in their province.

We offer a number of reliable shipping options for our customers and we will keep you informed at every stop of the process. Our shipping partners are fully insured, and will ensure your vehicle arrives in a timely manner and in the condition it left our dealership.

Before your vehicle leaves, we will shoot a high definition video to document its condition and give you something to watch as you look forward to the arrival of your new car.

In addition to shipping your vehicle to you, we can also arrange to have your trade-in shipped to us. Just fill out a trade-in form and we will do a market analysis of your vehicle so you can be sure you're getting a competitive value.

Penticton Hyundai is conveniently located at 448 Duncan Ave in Penticton, British Columbia.

We understand that you may not be able to make it to Penticton, which is why we have cost-effective ways to ship your vehicle and we are capable of shipping across Canada.

By Road

The town of Penticton is centrally located along Highway 97 with access to all major BC and Trans-Canada Highway routes.

Driving Distance to Penticton from:

  • Calgary, AB?683 km (424 mi)
  • Kelowna, BC?72 km (45 mi)
  • Seattle, WA?504 km (313 mi)
  • Vancouver, BC?391 km (243 mi)
  • Edmonton 982 km?(610 mi)

By Air

If you're planning on flying, Air Canada Jazz offers daily scheduled flights to the Penticton Regional Airport (YYF). The Kelowna International Airport is just 60 minutes away and offers flights with WestJet and national airlines.

Penticton Hyundai partners with a number of major financial institutions to give you a range of financing options on our vehicles. Most of our new and used vehicles qualify for financing, and we can give you due to the volume of business we do with our partners we can give you a range of low percent financing rates.

If I'm buying a vehicle without seeing it in person, how do I know it is in good condition?

Penticton Hyundai will provide you with all of the information you need on a vehicle, and we would be happy to provide images and personalized video to interested buyers. We also include a detailed CarProof or ICBC vehicle history report and a mechanical report of the vehicle you're looking to purchase.

What if my vehicle is damaged during shipping?

If your vehicle doesn't arrive in the same condition it leaves our dealership, our shipping partners are fully insured to cover any damages and will rectify any issues. We will send you a final high definition video before your vehicle leaves so you have a record of its condition before arrival. We will work with our shipping partners to make sure that you are taken care of.

Do I have to get an inspection on my car once it arrives?

If you are shipping a pre-owned vehicle outside of BC, then you will need an out-of-province inspection. This is just a formality, as all of our vehicles have already been carefully inspected and reconditioned to meet the requirements of your province.

What does ?Certified? mean and what does it get me?

All major manufacturers have now committed to the re-marketing of their respective brands. For Hyundai, it means attractive pricing, offering competitive finance rates, warranty options, and confidence of our stringent inspection and reconditioning standards.

If I'm not buying a Hyundai, does that mean I am getting a sub-standard vehicle?

Absolutely not, we are dedicated to ensuring that we sell a quality vehicle no matter what the brand. Our entire pre-owned inventory has been fully safety inspected and reconditioned to the standards set by our dealership.

What kind of finance rate can I qualify for?

We use a number of factors to determine the financing rates we can qualify you for. Meet with one of our finance representatives in person and we will work to get you the best rate for the vehicle you intend to purchase. Ask one of our sales representatives for any financing specials on current Hyundai models.

What kind of guarantee or warranty do I get?

Depending on the vehicle that you are purchasing there may or may not be any remaining manufacturer's warranty. For added peace of mind we offer and can tailor a warranty to your specific driving needs. Our Sales Consultants and Financial Services managers will work with you to ensure you are getting the proper and adequate coverage for your new vehicle.

Do you offer protection packages or 3M?

Yes, as a full service dealership we offer many products intended to protect your new investment. 3M, Rust proofing, undercoat, Paint Protection, leather and vinyl protection and window tint are all items offered through our dealership. These items can also be added to any finance or lease contracts.