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3M Paint protection available at Penticton Hyundai

3M Paint Protection Install in Penticton

3M Paint Protection is an advanced urethane film typically applied to your vehicle?s hood, front bumper, and side rear view mirrors. 3M, the world leader in adhesive film technology, has developed this product to guard your vehicle?s paint against pesky rock chips, bug stains, scratches, and debris kicked up by passing cars and trucks.

Why install 3M from Penticton Hyundai?

  • Significantly reduce paint damage from stone/gravel debris and nasty environmental elements
  • Boost your vehicle value at trade-in time
  • The newest 3M film is extremely resistant, yet incredibly thin. You can?t even see it when standing at a slight distance
  • 3M Paint Protection is computer cut to perfectly fit your individual car?s body panels. You can also wrap your whole car if you like (yes, we?ve done it before!)
  • Have paint protection installed before delivery on your new Hyundai or any used vehicle
  • Our film is only installed by 3M-certified technicians
  • Warrantied against bubbling, yellowing, peeling, etc.
  • Contact us today should you have any questions or would like to have 3M Paint Protection installed on your vehicle!