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Tire Services Penticton Hyundai in Penticton

Tire Services at Penticton Hyundai

Whatever the season, having the proper tires is essential to safe driving. Winter tires are designed for use in conditions below 7 degrees Celsius, and will be less effective and wear faster at warmer temperatures. Similarly, summer tires perform poorly in cold conditions.

In addition to proper tire selection, there are a number of other factors that influence your tires' performance and the safety and handling of your vehicle. At Penticton Hyundai's Tire Services Center in Penticton, BC, we offer tire rotations, repairs, replacement and inflation so you can get the most out of your rubber. Call us at 1.877.392.0205, contact us online, or press the button to the right to book an appointment.

Tire Repair & Replacement

Driving with a flat or leaking tire can be an accident waiting to happen. If your tires regularly lose pressure, don't wait until a blowout to fix a tire. Come to Penticton Hyundai for professional tire repair and replacement. Our expert technicians will inspect your tires and give you a competitive quote on your tire repair cost.

While most repairs including minor punctures, and holes caused by nails or screws are easily repaired with the proper tire plug or tubeless tire repair, severe damage may require tire replacement. We have a large selection of top tire brands, and we will show you through the selection of tires available for your vehicle.

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Summer and Winter Tire Storage

Reclaim lost garage space with our winter and summer Tire Storage Service! We know that hauling tires back and forth whenever you get them changed can be a hassle, and even worse is the clutter they take up in your garage. Penticton Hyundai will keep your tires safe and sound in our secure facility until you are ready for your next tire change.

Ask our expert service team if you would like to learn more about our tire storage options. If you would prefer not to take advantage of this service, we will still send you your tires home in a secure waterproof tire storage bag.

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Tire Rotation & Alignment

Two essential services to maintaining the performance and increasing the life of your tires on the road are tire rotation and tire alignment. Tire rotation helps to balance wear on your tires by exchanging your tires. Your tire rotation schedule and pattern will depend on your vehicle model, drive type (RWD, FWD, or AWD) and your tire tread pattern. Ask our Service Technicians on how often tire rotation should be done.

Wheel alignment should be adjusted whenever you install new tires, suspension components, or if you find your vehicle displaying unusual tread wear. This process involves measuring suspension angles including camber, caster, toe in/toe out and adjusting suspension components so wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road.

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Tire Inflation Services

Proper tire inflation is essential to safety, but can also improve your mileage, handling and performance on the road. Feel free to ask our technicians if you are unsure of the air pressure that's right for your vehicle, or drop by and we would be happy to help you find your optimum inflation.

Factors affecting your tires' inflation rating include the type of tire, your vehicle's weight, the load you plan to carry, and your driving style. While higher tire inflations will improve fuel economy, over-inflating your tires can lead to a bumpier ride which risks damage to both your tires and suspension.