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A Great Selection of Top Tire Brands

As winter loosens its grip, it’s time to start thinking about summer tires or all-season tires at Penticton Hyundai. While your winter tires were great for getting through tough icy conditions and cold temperatures, the same soft tire compounds that keep you stuck to the road in sub-zero conditions will increase tire wear on warm pavement.

Bring your vehicle by at Penticton Hyundai and save your winter tires for next season. We have a great selection of all the best brands for all weather tires and wheels including all sizes to fit Hyundai vehicles with competitive prices and regular tire sales.

At Penticton Hyundai, our experts will help you find the right winter tires for your needs before the snow sets in, or the right summer tires for your Hyundai vehicle when spring returns. Your tires are the most important element of your vehicle, check them out today and let us help you find the right tires for your needs.